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About Clinch River Valley Initiative

The Clinch River Valley Initiative (CRVI) is a pioneering effort to build local economies in the coalfields of Southwest Virginia, focusing on the Clinch River Valley—one of the most biodiverse river systems in North America. Working at a watershed scale with several local partners, this grassroots effort has developed significant support and momentum throughout the region. Utilizing a consensus-based approach, project partners have developed goals for connecting downtown revitalization, outdoor recreation, creating a state park, enhancing water quality, entrepreneurship and environmental education along the Clinch River. Strategies are being identified to connect downtown revitalization with outdoor recreation along the Clinch River Valley, and a CRVI Action Plan has been developed. Additionally, the effort builds upon the unique cultural and ecological assets of the Clinch River to create new possibilities in the communities along the Clinch as distinctive cultural and ecological areas, particularly around environmental education, outdoor recreation and entrepreneurship.

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